Shaykh Dr. Muhammad bin Ghālib Al-Omary said:

During such trying times:

  • Enquire about the well-being of those who may have particular needs
  • Focus on those whose welfare and incomes have been affected
  • Maintain the ties of kinship by fulfilling the needs of your relatives
  • Consider your neighbours’ condition.


Allah ﷻ says:

He has not passed onto the way of salvation ۞ And what will make you know the path of salvation? ۞ It is the freeing of a slave ۞ Or feeding [the needy] on a day of severe hunger ۞

[Al-Balad 11-14]


Be optimistic. Have good thoughts about your Lord that the affliction will go away, the distress and concern shall come to an end, the sorrow shall gradually pass, the mosques shall once again be packed with its people and life will return to being better than how it once was. This epidemic will not last (in sha Allah).

What is important is that we leave this situation, having benefited from the lessons [we have taken from it].

From them:

  • How weak mankind is
  • The importance of cooperation
  • Patience
  • Hearing and Obeying the Ruler
  • Putting forward the greater good


Source: Taken from the Twitter account of Shaykh Dr. Muhammad bin Ghālib Al-Omary