Certainly the thing most feared for the Student of Knowledge is riyāʾ (showing off) and intending to be heard and desiring leadership and authority and fame and other than that from the evil destructive goals.

So whenever that becomes the case – O’ people of intellect, then cry for the student of knowledge and replace the tears with tears of blood for the departure of the blessing of his knowledge due to the changing of his intention from [aspiring] noble pleasing goals to [aspiring] disgraceful lowly goals.

Thus, let it be known with certainty, that knowledge is only sought for the purpose of perfection in [ones] deeds. Therefore, were it not for action, then knowledge would not be sought and were it not for knowledge, actions would not be sought.

Abū al-Dardāʾ said: “Verily you will not be a scholar until you are learned, and you will not be learned until you you act upon what what you know.

al-Khaṭīb al-Baghdādī said in his advice to the student of knowledge: “Surely I advise you, O’ student of knowledge, with [having] sincere intention in seeking knowledge and to strive against the soul in performing what it [seeking knowledge] necessitates; for verily knowledge is a tree and actions are its fruits, and one who does not act upon his knowledge is not considered a scholar.”