Shaykh Aḥmad ibn Yaḥyá al-Najmī:

Worship is not established except upon tawḥīd. So organise circles of knowledge, teach the Qurʾān to the youth, teach them tawḥīd, clarify to them the errors of the Ṣūfīs and mysticism, [and teach them] the refutation of the Qurʾān of the polytheists. Teach them the biography of Prophet ﷺ, teach them principles in regards [to the science of] ḥadīth, make ḥadīth beloved to them, and show them the great status of it, and that it is the second primary source of the Islamic legislation which clarifies the Qurʾān. Make them hate the innovations of the Jahmīyyah and Muʿtazila, Shīʿah, Khawārij and Murjʾiah. Likewise the Hizbīs and Ikhwānīs from the Surūrīs, Qutubīs, Tablīghīs and other than them. Then stand patient and do not hasten for results, but rather strive and wait, for by Allah ﷻ – whoever treads this path and cultivates upon this cultivation in following the path that the Messenger and his Companions and the successors were upon in their achievements, then Allah ﷻ without a doubt will aid him and make him successful in the end just as He has promised; and indeed His Promise is true.