O’ worshippers of the Messiah we have a question. We hope it would be answered by someone who knows it.

If the One true God died because of the actions of people, if they killed Him, then what does that say about that God? Was He pleased by what they did to Him? Were it so then, blessed are those who achieve His pleasure. But if He was angry with the ones who did this to Him, then their strength then overcame His strength.

Has the creation been left without an Ever-Hearing God who answers those who call upon Him? And did the seven heavens disappear once He was placed underground since He had [originally] raised them? And are the worlds free of a God who controls them since certainly His hands became bloodied [due to crucifixion].

How could the angels refrain from aiding him while they could certainly hear His cries? And how could the wood endure holding the One true God whose back was bound in place? How could the iron get so close to Him that it would tear into His flesh and cause Him pain? And how could His enemies secure His hands for such a time that would enable them to strike his back.

Did the Messiah return himself to life or did another Lord give him his life? And how amazing is a grave that confines a God and even more amazing is the womb that carried Him. It held Him there for nine months in darkness where He was sustained by nutrients in blood.

And He emerged from the womb as a small and weak newborn with his mouth wide open for breast milk. And He eats and drinks and then does what comes naturally as a result of that; is this really a god? Allah is exalted beyond the slander of the Christians and each and every one of them will be asked about how they lied.

O worshippers of the cross for what reason do you magnify it [the cross] and vilify anyone who is skeptical? And do sound intellects seek anything but to break it or burn it and surely the one who initially applied it? [That is a truly cursed device, so discard it and do not kiss it when you see it.]

Since the One true God was placed forcefully on a cross and His hands were fastened with nails; the Lord of everything in creation was humiliated upon it and yet you worship it? Certainly, you are from His enemies if you have magnified it because it contained the Lord of the servants and raised Him. And certainly the cross was lost so if we have seen its shape we are reminded of it. So why haven’t you prostrated yourselves to the graves since a grave once contained the Lord within it?

So O’ worshipper of the Messiah, wake up, since this is his beginning and his end.


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