There are 68 mosques in Beijing, 2106 in America with 257 in New York alone. There are 2260 mosques in France with 26 in Paris. In Britain, there are 2260 mosques, whilst London alone accommodates 400 of them. In Moscow, the communist capital of Russia, there are 7 mosques with one that holds the capacity of 10,000 worshipers. In Cape Town, South Africa there are 10 mosques even though the Muslims only make up of 3% of the population.

Yet, in the Zoroastrian country of the Rāfīḍah – Iran, there is not a single mosque for the (Sunnī) Muslims in any of its major cities with a majority Shīʿah population. Not in Tehran, nor Isfahan and neither in Kirman. Iranian authorities prevent the construction of any mosques for the Muslims in Tehran, just as they prevent the establishment of the Friday prayer and the ʿĪd prayers in (Sunnī) places of worship. They have (even) prevented the Friday prayer taking place in the Pakistani embassy in Tehran, all whilst Jews and Christians comfortably practise their religious rituals throughout 151 of their places of worship which are mainly found in Tehran.

So what type of Islam does Iran want for the people such that they have made themselves leaders of? But this isn’t enough, they even want to become Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques! May Allāh ﷻ distort them.