They Claim the Companions al-Husayn and Abdullah ibn az-Zubayr Rebelled


Shaykh Rabī’ bin Hādī, al-Madkhalī said:

As for using the claim that some of the companions rebelled, then we say that not one of the companions – may Allāh be pleased with them- rebelled. With regards to Ibn az-Zubayr, the people swore allegiance to him. But when they pledged allegiance to Yazīd instead, Ibn az-Zubayr fled to Makkah and did not intend any fighting or tribulation. The ruler of Makkah at the time was his brother so ibn az-Zubayr refused to remove or draw him from his position.

After that, Yazīd passed away and the people gave bay’ah [the pledge of allegiance] to Ibn az-Zubayr except a faction in ash-Shām, so Marwān bin al-Hakam along with a group of people from the family of banū Umayyah advanced from ash-Shām to give bay’ah to Ibn az-Zubayr may Allah be pleased with him. However, along their journey they were confronted by Ibn Ziyād and they said to him “we are on our way to give bay’ah to this leader [reffering to Ibn az-Zubayr]”. So he replied “You are going to give him bay’ah whilst amongst you is a shaykh from Quraysh? “.

So as a result [of his question] they gave bay’ah to Marwān. Then some returned and openly declared a rebellion against ʿAbd Allāh bin az-Zubayr, so Ibn az-Zubayr did not rebel against anyone, rather, it was only right for Marwān to give him bay’ah, but instead he initiated the fighting and ʿAbd al-Malik bin Marwān concluded it at a later stage. The point is that not one of the companions rebelled.

As for al-Ḥusayn bin ʿAlī, may Allāh be pleased with them both, he too was not a Kharijite, in fact, he regretted what occurred, may Allāh be pleased with him. Those who gave him the pledge of allegiance and wrote to him, from the Shia, confronted him with their swords. So he said to them, “leave me so I may return or go to jihād or to Yazīd”. However they [the Shia] were not satisfied until they killed him. So Yazīd never wanted to kill him [al-Ḥusayn] and al-Ḥusayn never wanted to kill Yazīd nor did he come to to him [Yazīd] to fight him. Instead, the Shia betrayed him [al-Ḥusayn] and drove him out of Makkah and when he went to them, they met him with swords and killed him – may Allāh give them what they deserve.

Source: ʿAwn ul-Bārī bi bayān mā taḍamanahu Sharḥ us-Sunnah lil Imām al-Barbahārī, Rabī’ bin Hādī al-Madkhalī Volume 1 Page 254-255 [Dār al-Muḥsin Print]