Shaykh ʿAbdullah al-Ghudayān:

A man once came to see me in my office. He was in a state of anxiety. He said to me ‘I travelled to study and stayed in a building wherein one of the neighbouring flats that was occupied by a man and his wife. I ended up living in this building for four years. During the early stages of my stay I began analysing the activities of this man – paying attention to his visits and absences, until I had an illicit relationship with his wife‘.

The man continued; ‘Throughout the four years, this illicit relationship continued in the absence of her husband‘. He said; ‘Thereafter I graduated and began searching for a pious woman to take as a wife‘ – as the narration states; ‘Seek out the pious one [to be your wife] – he said; I found one, married her, and we began to live together. My neighbours in the building [we lived in] were five men who were all bachelors. Here were five men who all lived in one flat besides mine who also happened to be bachelors, [and now] they are all having illicit relationships with my wife until this moment‘.

So this man asked for the solution? I responded to him, dear brother, the Prophet ﷺ  said; “Uphold chastity, and your women will be chaste“. You are the reason for this, and this is a punishment from Allah ﷻ. Whatever you carry out with the women of other people shall be done to your women whether you like it or not.

Thus, it is incumbent that an individual is fearful of Allah and lowers their gaze. If you would like to get married to one, two, three or four, may Allah ﷻ grant you the strength to do so. However do not be infatuated by looking at women who are unlawful for you, and accumulating sin from one angle, whilst receiving a punishment that is established on your women.  One should fear Allah ﷻ.