DATE: 29 Aug 2016

Speaker: ʿAbdulilah Lahmāmī

SOURCE: Masjid Daar us Sunnah


This exceptionally delivered lecture by our noble teacher Dr. ʿAbdulilāh Laḥmāmī entitled “Advice to My Sister” consists of a concise reminder directed towards the believing women. During the lecture, the speaker makes reference to the pamphlet entitled “Nasīḥatu li al-Marʾah Muslimah” by the noble and esteemed Shaykh, Ṣāliḥ ibn Fawzān al-Fawzān.

The Prophet ﷺ said, “The best happiness a man can possess is a righteous wife.” Be a righteous wife, a righteous daughter, a righteous mother, a righteous sister, a righteous servant, for indeed this is what is required from the believing women. Our teacher informs us that women play a tremendous role in all societies, “….The society made up of men and women is from the blessings of Allāh. Men cannot live without the women, and women cannot live without men; together they make a society. The woman is a pearl, she has a great status….”

Our teacher strongly advises the women to focus on education, cultivation, and taking ʿĀʾishah, the Mother of the Believers as a role model. He also conveyed numerous evidences concerning the obligation of observing the ḥijāb (jilāb), highlighting that the ḥijāb is not merely concealing the body parts, but rather women should strive to maintain modesty, shyness, and behave in an exemplary manner.

In addition, he gently encourages the female believer to strive towards righteousness, sincerity, truthfulness, shyness, piety,  and seeking the pleasure of Allāh ﷻ. He advises that one should strive to please their parents, family and those with the most right over them.

How are you as it relates to your Mother, ‘O Female Servant of Allāh?  The believing woman strives to please her mother, father, husband, and takes great pride in fulfilling her obligations and duties. Another highly important point by Shaykh Ṣāliḥ al-Fawzān was in relation to the prohibition of women changing the creation of Allāh; during this lecture, much emphasis was placed on this evil act, as it was mentioned that such traits are beloved to the Shayāṭīn.

All praise is for Allāh ﷻ, then we thank our noble teacher, this tremendous reminder will truly benefit the heart of any sincere recipient seeking guidance and direction, by the permission of Allāh ﷻ, and thus one is strongly encouraged to listen attentively and take heed of the information conveyed. Our teacher, ʿAbdulilāh Laḥmāmī concluded by answering some questions posed by the sisters.

The following is a summary of the questions put forth:

  • Wearing the niqāb and facing problems with one’s family
  • Ways to strengthen sisterhood
  • How to increase one’s faith
  • Social media, picture taking and posting on Facebook, Twitter  etc
  • Communicating with a male with the intention of marrying him and more.

The lecture contains many more topics and issues women face in our time. The female believer is encouraged to listen attentively to this beautiful and inspiring advice. O’ noble sister, Allāh will increase you in taqwá and piety if you turn to Him…