DATE: 25 Aug 2016

Speaker: 'Abdulilah Lahmāmī

SOURCE: Masjid Daar us Sunnah


Abū Muḥammad ʿAbdullāh ibn Abī Zayd al-Qayrawānī (922–996) was a Māliki scholar from Kairouan in Tunisia. His best known work is Al-Risāla or the Epistle, an instructional book devoted to the education of young children. He was a member of the Nafzawah tribe of Berbers and lived in Kairouan. In addition, he served as the Imām (spiritual leader) of one of the mosques’ that followed the Māliki School tradition. Al-Qayrawānī was the leader of the Māliki school in Kairouan (present day Tunisia).

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