DATE: 26 Aug 2016

Speaker: Shaykh Ḥasan al-Bannah

SOURCE: Masjid Daar us Sunnah

  1. My mother struggles to pay off an interest-based mortgage on her house. Is it permissible for me to help her clear this loan?
  2. I do not feel that I give my parents their true right nor treat them in a good way. How do I become more obedient to them?
  3. I have recently started practicing and I fear from showing-off when I perform good deeds. What do you advise me with?
  4. Is it permissible to perform ajj while in having debt?
  5. We have in our area people who say “we do not need to take from the scholars and we do need the take the speech of the salaf in understanding to the Qurʾān and sunnah.” What is your advice?
  6. A sister says, “I sin greatly and I feel as though I am drowning in sins. Please advise me.”
  7. I’m a revert to Islam and living with a muslim family. I wish to marry but my disbelieving family and the people I live with do not encourage me to marry due to my young age. What is your advice?
  8. We have many people in our area who make takfīr on the muslim rulers and mock the scholars. Shall we publically refute them or leave them to be?
  9. What is the meaning of thanking Allāh and how do we become grateful?
  10. What is the ruling on working in an internet shop that sells tobacco allows customers to view illicit images?
  11. My mother is a widow who brings strange men to the house for the purpose of marriage. How do I advise her without disobeying her?
  12. I own a house and wish to marry but I find it difficult to find a job. Is it an obligation upon me to have a job before I marry?
  13. I am alone most of the time and my husband does not pay much attention to me nor does he care about seeking knowledge. I do not have internet at my house. It is allow for me to attend the masjid to increase my faith even though my husband prefers me to stay at home?
  14. Is it permissible to say Jumuʿah Mubārak on Friday?
  15. I have intended to wear the niqāb however my mother is not pleased with it. It is allowed for me to disobey her in this issue?
  16. Is it allowed for me to work in a place which sells lottery tickets and tobacco?
  17. Is it permissible for us to eat or drink food products which contain a small amount of alcohol?
  18. Is it allowed for me to be alone with a very old woman in a room?
  19. My family plays loud music while I am at home and become angry when I advise them against it. What should I do?
  20. Is it allowed for women to work in hospitals and treat male patients?
  21. I have raised my son until the age of 22 upon righteousness and now he has stopped praying and started to watch TV at home. What should I do?
  22. Is it permissible to enroll into a mixed university?
  23. Is it allowed for women to beautify her eyes and leave the house even if she wears the niqāb?
  24. Is it allowed to ask for donations from the people in the masjid.
  25. Some sisters attend the masjid who talk loudly and create noise. What is your advice for them?