We request from you to mention some rulings in relation to the individual who has recently accepted Islam – male or female, in order to generalise the benefit, and what is your advice to these new Muslims?

Shaykh Zayd al-Madkhalī:

Firstly: the one who was upon disbelief and Allāh ﷻ bestows upon him Islam, upon him is to praise Allāh and thank Him for this, and to supplicate for the one who invited him to enter Islam, because he caused him to receive the greatest good.

Secondly: He is to be taught the principles of the religion. He is taught tawḥīd so that he worships Allāh ﷻ whilst he knows his Lord and he singles out Allāh in His Worship, Lordship and Names & Attributes. He is also taught the rulings of Islam and imān, the levels of imān and Iḥsān. These are the levels of the religion. He is also taught how to pray with speech and action in order that his prayer is accepted. And it is not permissible for the people of Islam to be negligent in regard to this matter.

It is not enough that his Islam is announced, and then is abandoned without learning. Rather it is obligatory that there be continuation and diligence from him and from the one who teaches him from the students of knowledge, so that he masters tawḥīd and its types. So that he knows how to pray and how he deals with the obligations and the prohibitions, the rights of Allāh ﷻ and the rights of His slaves, so that he be from the group of Muslims in reality.

It is not permissible that he is left and the Muslims – at the forefront the students of knowledge – it is not permissible for them to be negligent with regard to the new Muslim. Rather they are to have concern for him in order that he safeguards the obligation from the affair of his religion. And Allāh knows best.