[What is your advice for] a small student of knowledge who busies himself with alJarḥ wa al-Taʿdīl?

Shaykh Muḥammad Ramzān al-Hājirī:

If what is intended by “alJarḥ wa al-Taʿdīl” is speaking out against the innovated groups, such as [Jamāʿat] al-Tablīgh and al-Ikhwān [al-Muslimīn]; then may Allāh ﷻ grant him success! Even if he is a little boy aged five. For example, if this boy warns against another boy who smokes cigarettes, and he says “so and so smokes cigarettes!” Which is more severe – warning against a person of desires or a person of (innovated) doubts?

It should not become a habit of his to say “so-and-so is from the people of innovation” or “so-and-so is this, and [so-and-so is that…” No! These affairs are for the people of knowledge. As for an affair which the people of knowledge have already finished and spoken about, then it will not harm him. Even if you find a child saying Yūsuf al-Qardāwī is from the people of innovation – then he has been truthful! (Yūsuf al-Qardāwī) is from the people of innovation, and this is well-known, that he is a person of fitan (mischief). He (al-Qardāwī) is from the biggest of the Khawārij of this era. If it is known who the biggest Majūsi (fire-worshipper) is, and who the biggest Jew is, (then likewise) from the biggest Khawrij of this era, is this man – al-Qardāwī.