These Houthis who are present today, they are nothing more than Khawaarij and Raafidah. They brought together two destructive sects. From them are the Raafidah and from them are the Khawaarij. For this reason they harm the Muslims with the most severe harm, without any justification or validation. Nothing appears from them except harm upon the Muslims, and hindering Islam and the Muslims. They preferred that the battle field would be the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; the place where Allah the Blessed and Exalted has given success to the rulers, scholars and people. He gave them success to the correct sound Aqeedah and sound methodology, and success to establish the rights of Allah and the laws of Allah. All of this enrages them. Thus they mobilized their military campaign, but Allah repelled their plot back down their throats. And He caused their war preparation and organization to become annihilation upon them. And like this; the transgressor will not be successful over the one who does not transgress anyone. It is not known that the Kingdom of Saudi, by way of its’ rulers, scholars, or people, transgress anyone. They do not transgress countries or groups, but rather they are transgressed upon and they are patient until the confrontation cease to exist. So I ask Allah the Mighty and Majestic to assist the truth and its’ people and that He humiliate the transgressors those who wish to destroy Islam and bring harm to the Muslims. –