O Shaykh, may Allah ﷻ make you successful. Does refuting the people of falsehood harden the hearts? Because there are people who turn us away from the books of the people of knowledge which refute the people of falsehood.

Shaykh Ṣāliḥ ibn Fawzān al-Fawzān

Not refuting them is what hardens the hearts, because their doubts enter the hearts and harden them. To refute them with the truth is from that which makes the hearts soft and returns them to the truth.

So do not pay attention to these ideologies and false statements which come from people who want to turn to falsehood, and doubts, and find no objections nor refutations upon it. They call this freedom of speech and difference of opinion. They say this is one opinion and that is another opinion. The religion has turned into opinions (according to these people), rather the religion has no opinions, the religion is revelation from Allah. Allah ﷻ did not leave us to our opinions and intellect but rather he commanded us to follow the Book and the Sunnah.