Shaykh Muḥammad ibn Sāliḥ al-ʿUthaymīn

This was the end of the verse which had proceeded.

۞يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا إِذَا نُودِيَ لِلصَّلَاةِ مِن يَوْمِ الْجُمُعَةِ فَاسْعَوْا إِلَىٰ ذِكْرِ اللَّهِ وَذَرُوا الْبَيْعَ ۚ ذَ‌لِكُمْ خَيْرٌ لَّكُمْ إِن كُنتُمْ تَعْلَمُونَ

O you who have believed, when [the ʾathān] is called for the prayer on the day of Jumuʿah [Friday], then proceed to the remembrance of Allāh and leave trade. That is better for you, if you only knew.” (Q 62:9)

So Allāh addressed the believers to leave business when the ʾathān is called for prayer on Friday. And the point of significance here is the second ʾathān which is made when the imām is present.

As for the first ʾathān then indeed ʿUthmān ibn ʿAffān – when he saw the people increase in number in Madīnah, he commanded an ʾathān to be called prior [to the second ʾathān] in order for the people to prepare. So this is from the Sunnah of Rightly Guided Caliph – ʿUthmān ibn ʿAffān whom we have been order to follow his Sunnah, as the Prophet ﷺ said “Upon you is my Sunnah and the Sunnah of the Rightly Guided Caliphs after me..”

And the one who says it is an innovation is misguided and he is making a mockery out of the Companions and a mockery out of the Rightly Guided Caliph. And we say; Indeed you are an innovator with this statement which you claim is an innovation. How can it be an innovation when the Prophet ﷺ has called it Sunnah!? [He said] “and the Sunnah of the Rightly Guided Caliphs after me..”

However those people are foolish, even if they are older in age. How can you say the Companions and their leader ʿUthmān ibn ʿAffān are misled whilst you claim you are a person of Sunnah? RATHER YOU ARE A PERSON OF INNOVATION IN THIS STATEMENT.”