Shaykh ʿAbdullah al-Bukhārī:

As for Shaykh Ṣayf ur-Raḥmān al-Mubārakfūrī, I also studied with him. I read to him the 6 books [of ḥadīth], and we would go through portions of them and we went through Jāmi’ al-Tirmidhī plentifully, and some books of naḥw and ṣarf which were popular in India. Likewise some books of ʿAqīdah and other than that. I stayed with him for approximately two years, and the Shaykh would be silent mostly, he loved the Sunnah and an aider of it.

I remember when I asked him about our Shaykh, Shaykh Rabī’ – because Shaykh (Rabī’) remained there in India for a number years in Varanasi , approximately 7 years, and during that time I believe he authored the book, his Master’s dissertation ‘Between the Two Imāms; Muslim and al-Dāraquṭnī’. And the first edition of the book – which is the one I have – was published there in Varanasi at Salafi Publication in Varanasi, India.

He said: ‘Shaykh Rabī’ delegated me to supervise the edition because he left it [in India] and returned [to KSA], ‘So I supervised the publishing of the dissertation there’  He – and I always remember this, said, ‘I never imagined until now, that I would supervise a dissertation being published, that the Shaykh delved and penetrated the science of ‘ilal (defects) to this extent, until I actually supervised this dissertation and I came to know his mastery and precision in knowledge’.