What do you say about [using] the webcam in programs such as Skype, a famous chat program, bearing in mind that it does not save the picture?

Shaykh Muḥammad ibn Hādī al-Madkhalī:

I say to you O’ my son, yes, it is correct that it doesn’t save the picture – onto your [computer that is]. However, if it [Skype] wanted to save the conversation, would it be saved or not? Would the conversation be saved or not? I am asking you. This Skip…..Sky….Is that right? Skype! Or Kik? Or Keek? I don’t know these various names, which as Allāh ﷻ has willed, everyday a new one appears for us! This program, if I wanted to save [my chat history] when I finished talking, is it not saved in the history? Right or not? [Yes] It is saved. Not only that, but I will add something else. If it is like the Blackberry or iPhone [phone] from these “misfortune-phones”, or the Galaxy or anything similar to them, especially the former one [Skype], these things – O’ children and beloved ones, the founding company, the founder (creator) has access to every caller and all his files, in addition to an original picture for the company who produced the app/phone. Do you know this? Now you know.

I do not enter these things much however I read about it and about the reality of them greatly. And I listen to a radio program which I am consistent in listening to, which is ‘Email Diaries’ on Monte Carlo radio station. It brings news related to computers, and this modern broadcasting in its various means, it talks about everything found within it. So I strive every morning at 6:30am to listen to this slot ‘Email Diaries’ – every day! So I’m aware of what is released, even though I do not put it into my pocket [buy it], but I am aware of what is released in this arena, from confessions made by the owners, manufactures, producers and senior devils and influential [personalities and companies] in this field and this trade.

Therefore, I advise you – O’ beloved ones, do not open this door upon yourselves, especially what is related to your confidential affairs and know that everything is saved on file by the service provider.