There is a deceptive argument presented by the Khawārij. They say, why are there American military camps in Saudi Arabia and it is from these camps that they launch attacks against the Muslims in the neighbouring countries? What is your answer to this, may Allāh bless you?

Shaykh Muḥammad Bāzmūl:

My answer is that this is a lie and a fabrication – a lie and a fabrication. There are no American military bases or barracks in Saudi Arabia, may Allāh protect it. The military base is only in Qatar. There is a military base there that is regarded as the largest military base in the Arab world. It resides in the al-`Udayd district in Qatar. That is where the largest American military base is. However, these people – the Khawārij, the Brotherhood – want to find any reason to badmouth Saudi Arabia, whilst they have nothing to say about Qatar. Saudi Arabia – and all praise is due to Allāh – does not have any American military bases, and there is no air force there and no attacks being launched against the Muslims from there either – and all praise and thanks are due to Allāh.

Go and have a look at where the military bases are and from where it is that the planes that attack the Muslim lands take off. Do some research and during it see which country it is that is behind all that, if that is indeed their aim. However, if they just want to insult Saudi Arabia, then Saudi Arabia continues to – and all praise and thanks are for Allāh – try its best to extend its help to all Muslims. It is working towards unity and working to make Islām and the Muslims stronger as well as protect them at the core and protect the whole nation of Islām and reach out to them with benefits and goodwill wherever they are.