Some lines of poetry composed by Ibn Rajab about Ramadan and Night of al-Qadr.

The years have past so carelessly—and in jest and in loss

How much have I lost from what I spent—in the days throughout my life

What do I have to say about my loss—in my life, is there any excuse?

How much have we been heedless of the—duty of praise and gratefulness [to Allah]

Did Allah not choose us—for a special month, and what a month it sure is

A month in which Ar-Rahman revealed—the best of all speech

Is it like any month?—in it is the Night of Decree

How many narrations have come authentic—about the reward in that night

We have been informed through the trustworthy—that’s it is to be sought on the odd nights

Glad tidings to the one who seeks it—in the last ten nights

In it the Angels descend—with light and with mercy

And he [Allah] has said {Peace it is — until the rise of dawn} [Al-Qadr:5]

So secure it, indeed it is—from the most precious of those things saved

How many are freed in it—from the fire yet they don’t know.