Is refuting the people of desires, an aspect from the methodology of the Prophet ﷺ or was it brought about by those who want to split-up the people and categorise them?

Shaykh Ṣāliḥ al-Fawzān:

My dear brother read the Qurʾān! How plenty the refutations are therein! (i.e.) on the Polytheist, hypocrites and those who err; in the Qurʾān itself. Allah refutes them in many verses.

The Messenger ﷺ in many a hadīth refutes. The scholars of the ‘Salaf’ those who preceded us would refute, so it is a must to refute whoever opposes the Sunnah. It is essential because this is from being sincere to Islam and the Muslims.

We do not remain silent regarding mistakes committed in the religion and come together for the sake of the people and flatter them claiming: this (refuting) splits-up people. That which splits-up people is the truth, so leave the person of desires to split-off and distance himself. As for the believer, he rejoices when the truth is clarified; he rejoices when erroneous affairs in the religion are made clear to him so that he can then renounce it.