May Allāh treat you well, how do we respond to the Christians when they say “Isā is Allāh because Allāh created him from his spirit (ruh)?”

Shaykh Muḥammad Bāzmūl:

This is a contradiction. If they are saying that Allāh created him from his spirit, this means that `Isā is not Allāh. Allāh’s spoken word, the Qur’ān tells us that that He created `Isā by sending an angel to give him a breath of life. And the “Ruh” is one of the angels. Ibn `Abbās says, “It is one of the angels, Allāh gave it the ability to give life.”

This “life” is something that Allāh created. He created `Isā from it in Maryam’s womb without a father, the same way Allāh used His hands to create Ādam from clay and gave him a breath of His life or spirit, part of the life or spirit that He created. This does not mean that Ādam is Allāh, the same way it does not mean that `Īsā is Allāh.

“The like of `Īsā to Allāh is like that of Ādam: He created him from clay” [Q 3:59]

So, if the issue is the one of the breath of life, we say “why then is Allāh not Ādam?” But the fact is that both Ādam and `Isā were created by Allāh. And what the Christians are saying carries a huge contradiction that they themselves admit to. Christian thinkers recognise this contradiction.

How can they say that `Isā is Allāh if they are saying that he was killed? How can they say that `Isā is Allāh if they are saying that Allāh breathed some of His spirit into Maryam? Who was it that breathed into Maryam?

This, thus, is a contradiction that they present that shows that their Trinitarian belief is wrong. Christian thinkers spoke about this subject and explained that the statements presented by the Christians on this topic are full of fallacies that go against all reason. It is rejected by pure reason, and it is a false statement. Allāh be glorified, how did such a belief as this one gain acceptance amongst these people.