Shaykh Muḥammad ibn Hādi al-Madkhalī:

We hope from our brothers upon the Sunnah in Yemen to rise up in aiding their brothers upon the Sunnah in Dammāj, and they should know that we are Dammāj and Dammāj is us in opposing those filthy and dirty Rāfiḍa. Violation against them is a violation against everyone [upon the sunnah].

Because they have not targeted Dammāj because of Dammāj, rather they have targeted it because of the Sunnah and Islam within it, and the īmān that it distributes, and the Daʿwah that is established in it, from rectification of the people’s ʿAqīdah and making clear for the people the worship of Allah alone, having no partners, and clarifying the corrupted doctrines which contradict what the Messenger of Allah ﷺ and his companions were upon?

The most insidious of doctrines in the doctrine of the Rāfiḍa and these Houthīs are from the Rāfiḍa. The evidence for this is the support and praise of Iran for them and the support of Hizb al-Lāt for them. They do not aid anyone except he is upon their religion.

So if this is the help for those upon falsehood, why are the people of Sunnah disinclined? Why are the people of Sunnah delaying [their support]? This is not permissible, especially now that the war has started and it has become what it has become. It has been narrated to us that the number of killings of our brothers in Islam and īmān has reached 21. The siege continues, and the siege has prolonged for a long time, about 40 days or more. Not a grain has entered Dammāj and not a chicken can leave it. This is all done specifically to eliminate the people of Islam and īmān. Is this not enough?