A man prays but persistently leaves off doing so, and this is his state. What is your advice to him?

Shaykh Abdul-Aziz Ibn Bāz:

It is obligatory for every muslim and muslimah to have fear of Allāh ﷻ always. Prayer is a pillar of Islām and the greatest and most important of the obligated affairs after the 2 testimonies of faith. So, it is obligatory for every muslim and for every muslimah to give great care and attention to the prayer and guard it, just as Allāh ﷻ has said: 

Guard strictly (five obligatory) As-Ṣalawāt (the prayers) especially the middle Salāt (i.e. the best prayer – ‘Aṣr) – [Q 2:238]

And Allāh ﷻ said: 

And establish prayer and give zakāh and bow with those who bow [in worship and obedience]. – [Q 2:43]

And He ﷻ said

And establish prayer and give zakāh and obey the Messenger ﷺ – that you may receive mercy. – [Q 24:56]


Prayer is the most important of the righteous actions and the greatest action after the two testimonies of faith. Whoever preserves them, preserves his religion and whoever loses them, then everything besides that for him is lost. As for the one who performs it (prayer) sometimes, but leaves it off sometimes then he is a disbeliever according to the most correct statement of the scholars – We ask Allāh ﷻ to save us – regardless of whether he denies its obligation or not. This is due to the statement of Allāh’s Messenger ﷺ:  “The covenant that distinguishes between us and them is the prayer, so whoever abandons it has indeed disbelieved.” Reported by Aḥmad and the people of the Sunan, authentic from the chain of Buraydah bin al Ḥuṣayb. And due to his ﷺ statement: “Between a man and disbelief and polytheism is the abandonment of the prayer.” Reported by Imām Muslim in his Ṣaḥīḥ And this is also due to other aḥādith in this regard.


So, it is incumbent upon the muslims, male and female, to be cautious of being neglectful with their prayers and lenient regarding them. It is obligatory for them to guard their prayers at their (appointed) times and be diligent regarding them, praying with tranquility, humility and attentiveness so they may perform them as Allāh ﷻ commanded them to. And it is upon the man to maintain praying them in the mosques in congregation, alongside his muslim brothers. And he should be cautious of imitating the hypocrites; who do not perform the prayers except to be viewed by the people and do not perform it in congregation except for the eyes of the people also. And when they are away from the people, they are lackadaisical with them and abandon them. 

Allāh ﷻ said: 

Verily, the hypocrites seek to deceive Allāh, but it is He Who deceives them. And when they stand up for As-Ṣalāt (the prayer), they stand with laziness and to be seen of men, and they do not remember Allāh but little. (They are) swaying between this and that, belonging neither to these nor to those. [Q 4:142-143]

Meaning: They are not truly with the believers, nor are they truly with the disbelievers. Rather, they move back and forth in their doubt, uncertainty, disbelief and misguidance. And Allāh ﷻ says: 

Verily, the hypocrites will be in the lowest depths (grade) of the Fire; no helper will you find for them. [Q 4:145]

Due to their disbelief, hypocrisy, doubt, uncertainty and their concealment of disbelief. So, it is incumbent that you are cautious of their characteristics and wary of their despicable mannerisms. Yes. 

Questioner: May Allāh reward you with good.