Shaykh Ṣāliḥ Ibn Fawzān al-Fawzān: 

The academic year has now started and parents have become concerned about sending their kids to school, to such an extent, that the father will drive his son to school, appoint a driver to do so, or even buy a car for his son to drive there. He has not abandoned him as it relates to this worldly life and he has not left him without.

However, has he shown concern for him as it relates to going to the mosque?  Has he checked to see why he was late for attending the mosque? Has he shown concern for him? Has he been concerned with teaching him lessons consisting of beneficial knowledge either taught by himself or someone else known for righteousness? Has he been concerned with taking him to gatherings of knowledge?

Rather, he has only been concerned with him attending school and what is important to the father is that his son succeeds in his lessons. Now this is something good and there is no blame upon him for that, but he should not limit himself to this.  There are things more important than this and more binding such as taking him to the mosque, taking him to lessons of knowledge, and protecting him from bad companions.

Evil ideologies are currently circulating amongst you. Drugs and intoxicants are being passed around in public and secretly. Where are you with regards to your children and your country! Your country is being ruined and destroyed morally, religiously, and intellectually all whilst you watch on.  Or are you passing the responsibility on to someone else?