Shaykh ʿAlī Nāṣir al-Faqīhī:

When the Prophet ﷺ was appointed as a Messenger, he stayed in Mecca – as we all know, for thirteen years calling people to the worship of Allāh and abandonment of false gods. He had no authority or power in order to carry out Jihād.

When he went toṬāʾif to seek the help of its people in propagating the call to pure monotheism – at that time Abū Ṭālib (his uncle) had passed away; he died upon disbelief even though he used to help the Prophet ﷺ.

None of the Quraysh (the people of Mecca) were able to harm the Prophet ﷺ during Abū Ṭālib’s life time; so when he passed away and also Khadījah (the Prophet’s wife, her title being) mother of the believers, he ﷺ went to Ṭāʾif seeking the help of its people and whoever he could guide. He wanted them to help him in the struggle and propagation of the call: worship should be directed to none other than our Creator, Allāh. They responded to him terribly: they ridiculed and mocked him, and they did not leave it at that, they incited the foolish rabble to pelt him with stones until he bled; consequently he returned in that state (bloodied and grieved).

The Quraysh (people of Mecca) lay in wait for him, namely Abū Jahal and his associates. Abū Jahal’s affair had reached the point of persecution of the underprivileged believers and the Prophet ﷺ could not find anyone that would help him propagate this message.

He was on his way back to Mecca going through the mountain pass of Ṭāʾif when a cloud shadowed over him, so he turned and to his surprise there was Jibrīl (Angel Gabriel) greeting him with salām; he said to him: “O Muḥammad, Indeed Allāh heard the speech of your people and what they responded to you with” – this ḥadīth is in Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhari in the chapter of Tawhid, “Indeed Allāh heard the speech of your people and what they responded to you with and Indeed Allāh has sent the Angel of mountains so that you may command him to do as you will”.

The Angel of mountains then gave salām to him ﷺ and said: “If you want me to crush them between akhshabain, then I’ll do so.” Akhshabain are two mountains located in Mecca and Ṭāʾf.

The Messenger ﷺ while in this state of dejection, in the scorching heat, having been pelted with stones and ridiculed, then had the upper hand. The Angel of mountains was commanded to carry out whatever the Prophetﷺ instructed, so when the Angel asked the Prophet ﷺ about collapsing the mountains upon them, what did the Prophet say to him?! (he ﷺ said): “Instead I’ll be patient (with them) in the hope that Allāh will bring about from their offspring a people who worship Allāh alone without associating any idols or gods with Him”.