The questioner says; there is a caller in Britain who sat with a Khārijī (ISIS supporter) for a debate in front of an audience of laymen. He says that this type of debate is not an innovation, even if it is in front of an audience of laymen. Bearing in mind that this takfīrī (ISIS supporter) says that Makkah is not an Islamic land and also makes takfīr of all of the Muslim rulers. So what is your opinion dear virtuous shaykh?

Shaykh Abd al-Raḥmān Muhiyadīn:

Both of the individuals in question are ignorant. They do not comprehend Islam. And Islam is harmed due (to the actions of) such people. They do not comprehend the religion and they speak in the name of the religion. They are either: 1) ignorant or 2) enemies of Islam who harbour hypocrisy whilst they show Islam outwardly. Because the one who says Makkah is a land of disbelief has not comprehended (the meaning of) kufr and has not come to know the true form of Islam. He (ISIS supporter) does not understand the true (reality) of kufr, and he is more astray than a domestic donkey. Likewise is the one who debated him, he’s like an bovine animal. It is not permissible to debate him whilst knowing he (this ISIS supporter) is upon this methodology. The one with intellect (should not do this).  Allāh said:

۞وَأَعْرِضْ عَنِ الْجَاهِلِينَ

“and turn away from the foolish
…” (Q 7:199).

He should have clarified his ignorance to the people and not debated him. It should have been clarified to him what Islam, tawḥīd, īmān are in order that they may understand. (He should have been told) what the Kaʿbah is and where it is, and what Ḥajj and fasting are so that he may understand. Is Makkah a land of disbelief!!? He doesn’t know the difference between a land of Islam and a land of disbelief. He is more astray than a donkey. Likewise the one who debated him, he too is like him. He is aligned with him. Those people harm Islam! They do not benefit Islam. Islam is more lofty and sublime to be spoken about by the likes of such people.

The basic principle is that a person should not speak except with knowledge. The Prophet ﷺ said: “Whoever believes in Allāh and the last day should speak good or remain silent.” If he doesn’t know he should remain silent. As for the other one, he is a Khārijī criminal and a wicked devil. The affair of the khawārij is known. The Messenger ﷺ clarified their affair a long time ago, and it stands till this day – do you understand? Their affair should be made clear because they are the dogs of the hell fire, as it has been authentically reported by the Messenger ﷺ – whether they were present at the time of the Messenger ﷺ or after him – as the Messenger ﷺ said; “until they appear alongside the Dajjāl..” and aid him. We ask Allāh for well-being and safety. Due to their ignorance, misguidance and extremism they have not understood the religion.

When an individual says that Makkah, or Madīnah or Saudi Arabia are lands of disbelief, this individual is either; 1) more astray than a domestic donkey or 2) a malicious disbeliever who appears to be Muslim in order to attack Islam. Whoever says that Makkah, or Madīnah, or Saudi Arabia are lands of disbelief is a miserable donkey who does not understand. (he says this) whilst living in London, in a non-Islamic land! Whoever says that Makkah, or Madīnah, or Saudi Arabia are lands of disbelief is a miserable donkey who does not understand. (he says this) whilst living in London, in a non-Islamic land!

He isn’t able to speak. He desires to live and eat in the land of disbelief like a donkey. He is not a (true) Muslim. If he were (a true) Muslim, he should teach the people Islam, and mannerisms, and the characteristics of the Prophets and Messengers. He isn’t a caller to Islam. Rather he is a caller to misguidance. We ask Allāh for well-being and safety – do you understand my son? They should not be listened to nor should they be given any attention. If they sit in a place you should leave.