Shaykh Muḥammad ibn Hādi al-Madkhalī:

…and this proves the falsehood of this term “Madākhilah” (Madkhalīs). I do not know these “tweets”, but tweet (bird tweeting) is a beautiful sound, however this speech is actually croaking (of a crow) – this is croaking not tweeting! – yes. This falsehood and disgraceful speech is croaking and not tweeting.

And you heard what I said to you just a moment ago – the people of Dammāj know how to evaluate their well-being better than others, and by Allāh we do not like that which happened, but sometimes the decree of Allāh takes place by way of that which you dislike, in which case you are patient. Maybe something will happen to you which you hate! So it is upon you to be patient and to submit to the ordainment and pre-decree of Allāh.

So as I said to you, their departure (the people of Dammāj) uninjured and safe, with their dignity and lives and wealth being preserved, is better than remaining in the presence of this enemy and this nation who they are unable to fight, so he crushes them, and makes their homes permissible for him, and tears out their foundations, and destroys their crops”. Such speech (i.e to remain) would not be said by a rational person who appreciates the benefits and harms, and understands the situation of his brothers and knows the condition of their enemy. Rather we say to them be patient, and if Allāh wills the battle is for you, and the truth is tested and will be victorious. So do not be amazed! And this is the way of al-Raḥmān (The Most Merciful).

And the “Madkhalīs” know the speech of Allāh and the speech of his Messenger ﷺ and they know the statements of the people of knowledge, and they know the benefits and harms, and they appreciate their value, and they know the speech of the scholars of the Sunnah and Ḥadīth, and they know the biography of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ and are the most knowledge of people in regards to his statements and his actions and his circumstances and his battles. And they know the statements of the jurists of Islam and the scholars of Islam, and they know the rules relating to disasters, and all praise is due to Allāh. And the speech of the foolish ones does not harm them.

It does not harm the sea which is full (of water) if a boy throws a stone at it.

It doesn’t harm it! So let them say whatever they say. We ask Allāh once again to be gracious to our brothers from Ahl al-Sunnah, in Dammaj specifically and everywhere else generally, and that he keeps the fitan (trials) away from us and them, what is apparent from them and what is hidden, indeed He is the most Bountiful and the most Kind. And may Allāh’s praise and peace and blessings be upon his servant and messenger, our Prophet Muḥammad, and upon his family and his companions and his followers in goodness.