We have a charity box to maintain the masjid and there is a man who is allocated in looking after this box. He takes the collection box around the rows of worshippers before the prayer, especially on Jumuʿah. What is the ruling on doing this as some of the worshippers feel embarrassed?

Shaykh ʿAbd al-ʿAzīz ibn Bāz:

This requires looking into, since what is implied is that he is asking the worshippers [in a way] which may embarrass or upset them when circling around them and asking them to place money in the box for the masjid, It would be better if they leave [asking] this [method]. Nevertheless, the issue [of asking] is wide. Even if the imām announces: ‘The masjid is in need of your help and cooperation’ there is no problem in doing this as this is a charitable project. However, to take the box around their rows may cause some embarrassment. So I think it is better not to do this and instead announce ‘this is a charity box for the masjid for whoever wishes to donate.’ This is a safer and better way.

So do not go around amongst them with this box that will upset them.