It is written in the newspapers in current times, the call to boycott American products and not to purchase them nor sell them. From what has been written today in a published newspaper, is the Muslim scholars are calling (the people) to boycott (the products) and (boycotting) is obligatory upon every Muslim and purchasing any of these (products) is a prohibition upon prohibition. (They also say) the person who does so is a major sinner and a supporter of those people (the Americans) and the Jews on their war against the Muslims. So I ask you from your nobility, to clarify this matter due to its importance.

Is the person who does so (boycotts the products) rewarded for doing this action?”

Shaykh Ṣāliḥ ibn Fawzān al-Fawzān:

Firstly, I ask for a copy of the newspaper article on the issue which the questioner has mentioned. Secondly, this is not correct, the scholars have not issued a verdict prohibiting the buying of American products. The American products are still imported and sold in the markets of the Muslims. It would not harm America if you didn’t buy their products. This would not harm them. Boycotting should not take place unless the person in authority (the ruler) has issued it. If the person in authority issued a prohibition or a sanction against a country from the countries then that (country or product) should be boycotted. As for individuals doing so (boycotting) or giving verdicts on prohibition, then this is prohibiting something which Allah ﷻ has permitted and this is not allowed.