O’ noble Shaykh, your Salafī children in Canada say that there is a misguided Kharijite sect in Somalia named Harakāt al-Shabāb. It calls the youth in Canada to commit a crime in the biggest mall in North America, Canada. So with what do you advise the muslims who reside in Canada?

Shaykh Muḥammad ibn Hādī al-Madkhalī:

I say: do not obey these people, and do not pay attention to them. You reside in these countries and it is obligatory upon you to be the best ambassador, representing the Muslims in these countries. Do not be carriers of misfortune upon Islam and the people of Islam. Do not obey those who seek this from you, for indeed they are only calling you to evil; “Whoever calls to guidance will have the reward similar to all those who follow him without their reward decreasing in any way and whoever calls to misguidance, he will have the sins similar to all those who follow him without their sins decreasing in any way.”

These people are neither to be obeyed nor to be paid any attention to, because this causes harm to the Muslims residing in Canada, America and the whole disbelieving western world. Rather it does even worse than that – it paints an evil image of Islam which makes the enemies rejoice, using it to lie upon the Muslims. Therefore if these types of actions are done it gives them the opportunity to use it as proof of their unjust rumours against Islam. Due to this it is not permissible for you to answer these people (by doing this action) and that which is upon you is to be model citizens in these countries which gave you asylum when you were besieged in your homes.