An individual in Britain asks about the best book for a new Muslim woman to begin with in regards to (learning) fiqh and

ʿaqidah ?

Shaykh Muḥammad ibn Hādī al-Madkhalī:

There is a good book which I have mentioned to some of the brothers in Britain – and if I haven’t forgotten, I think they informed me that either they have translated it, or they have found it already translated.  And the title of the book is “What must be known about Islam“.  It is a good book, and very suitable for the new Muslim who has recently embraced Islam – as is the case here. And according to us the new Muslim is just like a child. He needs to be taught bit by bit, he is in need of studying  the religion gradually in levels.

This book has gathered that which the new Muslim requires in regards to ʿaqīdah and fiqh. (The content of) the book has taken much advantage of the books (curriculum) of ours schools (in Saudi Arabia). This is before the new edition was published. Therefore, I refer to the first edition. However, even if some issues have occurred in the newer edition, there is still much good in it. Nonetheless, (I’m referring) to the first edition which was released around 15 years or more.

Nevertheless, I advise (the new Muslim) to read this book, and if the questioner is in Britain then maybe he could contact his brothers at Salafi Publications in Birmingham.  There has been some discussion between me and them in regards to this book for a long time now, and they visited me another time in order to translate this book whilst we explain it, so as to provide an easy clarification of the book for a new Muslim.

They mentioned to me after awhile, during another visit – that the book had been translated or they found the book already translated – I don’t know, I have forgotten. So as long as the questioner is in Britain, he should contact the brothers at Salafi Publications in Birmingham. if Allāh wills he will receive some directions as to where he can find this book. And perhaps it is on the Internet. Nonetheless, the brothers will direct him. And If he or Muslim women wish, they may search for it under the name ‘What must be known about Islam‘ by Shaykh (Muḥammad ibn ʿAlī) al-Arfaj.