19 Oct 2016

Forgiveness for The One That Does Not Pray – Shaykh Salih ibn Fawzan al-Fawzan

Questioner: Shaykh, the father of my daughters passed away, his fast was inconsistent, meaning he did not fast during Ramaḍān, is it permissible to give charity Shaykh Ṣāliḥ ibn FawzānRead more..

07 Sep 2016

Where to Place the Hands after Ruku’? – Shaykh Muhammad ibn Hadi al-Madkhali

Questioner: What is the ruling on placing hands (on the chest) after rising from rukūʿ? Shaykh Muḥammad ibn Hādī al-Madkhalī: That which is apparent to me is that it holdsRead more..

07 Sep 2016

A Forgotten Sunnah – Raising the Voice in Dhikr After the Prayer – Shaykh Salih al-Fawzan

Questioner: Is it from the sunnah to raise the voice in remembrance (dhikr) after the prayer or not? Shaykh Ṣāliḥ al-Fawzān: Without a doubt, it is from the sunnah toRead more..

07 Sep 2016

Salat al-Istikhara – Shaykh Muhammad Nasir ad-din al-Albani

Questioner: A student successfully passed his first year at High School. And, now, he wants to go to the second year in either branch of science or branch of literature.Read more..

07 Sep 2016

How Long Does a Traveler Shorten the Prayers? – Shaykh Salih al Luhaydan

Questioner: A person is visiting Saudi Arabia for a period of one month. Does he shorten his prayers for the duration of his visit? Shaykh Ṣāliḥ ibn Muḥammad al-Luhaydān: ThatRead more..

06 Sep 2016

Should I Pray 8 or 20 Raka’at of Tarawih in Ramadan? – Shaykh Muqbil ibn Hadi al Wadi’

Questioner: We have many Masājid, some of them pray 8 rakaʿāt while others pray 20. Some prolong it and others shorten it. So which masjid is [acting] upon the truthRead more..

06 Sep 2016

When is Laylat al-Qadr? – Shaykh Salih al-Fawzan

Shaykh Ṣāliḥ ibn Fawzān al-Fawzān: All praise is due to Allah, and may the peace and salutations of Allah be upon his Messenger, his family and companion. Certainly, the last 10Read more..

06 Sep 2016

The Ruling on Dividing Tarawih into Two – Shaykh Muhammad Nasir al-Din al-Albani

Questioner: What is said about what is happening now in the last 10 days of Ramaḍān – meaning, the prayer is divided into the first part and the last partRead more..

06 Sep 2016

The Ruling on Praying Tarawih at Home With Family? – Shaykh Muqbil ibn Hadi al-Wadi’

Questioner: Is it permissible for a man to pray tarāwīḥ at home with his family? Shaykh Muqbil ibn Hādī al-Wādiʿī: There is no problem in doing so.

06 Sep 2016

How Does Someone Return the Salam Whilst in Prayer – Shaykh Salih al-Fawzan

Questioner: What is the ruling on greeting the one praying and how does the one praying reply? Shaykh Ṣāliḥ ibn Fawzān al-Fawzān There is no problem in doing so. TheRead more..